Aug 3, 2008

This Weekend -- Gains and Losses

This weekend, I went through my purse and found all kinds of change just lying at the bottom of the bag (it's a big bag). I found enough to pay for movies (Indiana Jones) with my friend Linda. All was good -- I didn't have to dip into savings. I reserved those funds for a purchase at my favorite LYS where I bought the last two issues of Interweave crochet, a few patterns and a skein of yarn for the Stone Hat (see Interweave Crochet Winter 2007). I have to admit, this trip to the LYS was the least expensive in three years.

This weekend, I also went through my projects bags and found all kinds of projects in various stages of completion. I didn't feel as good. First, there are two versions of a bag I am making for my Ravelry Twilight Swap partner. I almost started a third version but the lack of yarn kept me at bay. And when I say a lack of yarn, I don't mean the 220 skeins sitting in my closet; it's just that the right shade of red has not found a home in my closet -- not yet. I've also got a half finished aran cable scarf I started for my father last month. It was my first attempt at cables. I'm liking it. I finally got the yarn to finish it but it still hibernates at the bottom of the project bag. There is a pair of pink socks started 4 years ago -- one needs a toe while the other needs the whole foot to go along with the ribbed cuff. The neverending Microspun log cabin afghan has only used up half the dreaded stock of Microspun. The Retro Scarf still needs to be blocked. I tried a light mist but nothing happened. I'm going to try steam blocking next.

This weekend, I frogged a skein of unknown yarn. Several years ago, my sister sent me a skein of 4-ply untwisted cream white that I just didn't like. It split with every stitch. It seemed inappropriately bulky. No great loss. Then I saw the Diamond Sage Wrap in Interweave Crochet. Made me want to split the yarn apart. My girls, my sister, and my friend Stacey each lent a hand as I unraveled the ball and then wound eight 1-ply balls with my new ball winder. Can't wait to dip in.

This weekend, the girls picked up their knitting needles again. They couldn't find their yarn from their last attempt, so I gave them each a skein of yarn to get them going again. One made it clear that they knew it was not my best yarn. Oh, well. When they have paid their dues and made a simple scarf, I might give them a better quality yarn.

This weekend, I aquired another 20 skeins of yarn from another friend who had raided the clearance bin of the local Michaels. Wow, 20 bucks for 12 skeings of Lion Chenille Thick and Quick, 6 balls of Lion Suede, an amethyst skein of Patons Allure, and a pink skein of Bernat Cottontots.

So, this weekend, I gained 21 skeins of yarn, gave away 5 skeins, replaced one awkward skein with the equivalent of 4, saw two fun movies, and hung out with friends. Now it's back to work.