Mar 27, 2016

Warm Shoulders

Sometimes you just need a bit of warmth around your shoulders. This is particularly true in office buildings where no matter where you sit, the A/C or fan seems to settle in around your shoulders and nip at the back of your neck. This is especially true in my office -- sometimes the temperature will drop 20 degrees over the afternoon hours, leaving me shivering and chilled to the core.

I crafted this shawlette to sit naturally at the shoulders and out of the way of your arms. It can hang untied down your arms, or draped with a gentle knot at your chest.

It is constructed sideways, starting with a 4-stitch SC row and expanding every other row to a width of 45 stitches that is worked in a sideways shell for 30 rows before reducing back down to 4 SC stitches. This produces a shawl with a straight edge and a lower edge that looks like a flat-bottomed wedge. The border consists of (2) a row of sc stitches, (2) a row of sideways shells (sc, ch2, 2dc, all in the same stitch, sk 2, repeat), and (3) a partial row of sideways shells worked on the lower edge from end to end.

This wrap was made with300 yards of Louet Gems fingering weight yarn in candy apple red, but if you prefer a wider shawl, try it with sport or DK weight of your choice. Wool is optimal for warmth and not being too heavy.