Charity Gallery

The Crochet Collaborative has again agreed to crochet hats for a local women's shelter.  Last year (December 2009) we completed 42 hats literally the day before the first big storm hit the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.  This year, we hope to make about 50 + hats by December 5.

We feel strongly that our hats should make its wearer feel pretty, to feel a bit better about themselves (if not downright good).  So we embellish each hat with a flower, or fancy buttons, or decorative stitches placed strategically.  With a nod to the need for inexpensive maintenance, we have opted to construct each hat of acrylic, washable wool, or sturdy plant-based fibers.

Last year, I made 12 or 13.  My personal goal for 2010 is 16.  As I complete a hat, I will post a photo here in this gallery.

 Gilded Sun-Ray Slouch

Creamy Ivory Sun-Ray Slouch
Invercargill Winter Cap

Mulled Wine Toque