Dec 6, 2008

"Warm Ewe Up" Winter Yarn Swap

I've joined a new Ravelry swap. This is a secret pal swap, in which I must send one package a month for three months to a box buddy who will not know its me until the very end. Each package must include at least one skein of yarn. Creativity in choosing package contents our secret box buddy will love is highly encouraged!

For this swap, we have been asked to answer a few questions about ourselves. To start off, I am primarily a crocheter but can knit a bit. I learned to crochet more than 16 years ago but really only came back to it 8 years ago. I learned to knit for my Junior Girl Scout badge during the 60s but have only recently picked it up again. I am not as comfortable with knitting as with crochet. I can make hats and have learned a lot about techniques while watching Knitty Gritty. Other questions:

Do I spin? No, don't really have the desire to do so, although I do admire those who can draw pleasure from this task.
My favorite yarns/fibers: I like many fibers, including sport or DK weight cottons, superwash wool, synthetics like Berroco Comfort and Yarn Bee's Artistry.
Yarns/fibers I do not like: I am not much of a fan of novelty yarns, with the exception of narrow ribbon yarn like Katia's Grenada. Nor do I like rough, scratchy acrylics.
Yarns/fibers I would like to try but haven’t: Silk and silk blends. Never tried malabrigo, Lamb's Pride, Cascade 220 wool, or Noro.
My favorite colors: In no particular order, royal blue, lapis blue, emerald green, mustard yellow, rust orange, cream, gunmetal gray, soft buttercreme yellow (as in Reynolds Soft Sea Wool #754)
Colors that I don’t like: Easy -- pastels, unless it is the mellow buttery yellow found in Reynolds Soft Sea Wool. Not a fan of most PINKS and Lime Greens, well, you get the picture. I also have done enough things in sage greens.
My favorite types of projects to knit/crochet: Hats are a personal favorite, as are neck warmers, washcloths, and baby bibs. I am starting on larger projects, like tops, vests, and sweaters.
My current projects: These would be Christmas presents for the family, including a few hats and neck warmers, washcloths, baby bibs, and a man's vest.
My favorite Finished Object: I am proud of several FOs, including the Heirloom Christening Gown, the Vintage Neck Warmer, the Tunisian Hat and Scarf, and the AKA Medallion hat and Shawl. But my favorite would have to be the Lancer Blue Romper.
Techniques that I want to learn: slip stitch crochet, basic knit sock construction, Tunisian crochet in the round
Do I have a yarn winder and/or swift? I recently purchased a ball winder but do not have a swift, using instead the two strong arms of my kids or the back of a high backed chair.
How do I store my needles/hooks? I use several things, including a long narrow butter yellow leather bag I found at a thrift store in which I have my knitting needles and my tunisian crochet hooks. It can hold up to 14-inch needles/hooks. For portability, I have a leather zipped pouch to which I attached the plastic sleeve holding my stainless crochet hooks. I also store my extra hooks in a beautiful fabric case made by my first Ravelry Swap partner Bissa during the Twilight Knitting Swap.
Do I collect anything? Other than yarn? I collect Sasha Brastoff copper-enameld ash trays. I have several things that have images of trees and a few odds and ends of other stuff (some Sailor Moon 4" dolls and some of the McDonald's Happy Meal Madame Alexander dolls) but nothing I would call a collection. Besides, my place already is bursting at the seams.
Do I like sweets? Yes and no. Yes, because who doesn't? No, because I don't really need them. The latter aside, I do love Bahlsen Contessa, an Iced gingerbread cookie with dark chocolate from Germany.
What are my favorite scents? I love Burren Perfumery's Frond (original scent). However, due to allergies, I am not a fan of most scented candles, air fresheners, potpourri. I do enjoy incense, such as cedar, amber, rosewood, and jasmine. I am open to most scents but do not like what are for me cloying ones like vanilla, cinnamon, and other "fruity flavors"
Am I having a birthday during this swap? No
Do I have any online wish lists? No.
My living situation is simple -- I am a single "Aunt Mommy" to 2 teenage girls. No pets in the household.
My allergies: as noted above, I am sensitive to many perfumery scents and molds, which can bring on a bit of asthma. I also am allergic to certain tree barks, such as red mulberry, sweet gum, and white birch.
Is there anything else my swap pal should know? Can't think of anything.

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