Feb 20, 2009

Swappity Fun

I firmly believe the best part of any swap is getting to know your secret (or not so secret) box buddy. However, I think the most fun is when you unwrap the box your spoiler sends to you.

I just got the first box in the three-month swap Winter Warm Ewe Up Yarn Swap and I am delighted. It was like Valentines Day in a Box, no, actually a spa in a box. My secret spoiler sent :

  • A Red H'attitude Angel Tac Pin. The purple European crystal dress is very akin to my June birthstone
  • A Healing Hematite Magnetic bracelet (how did she know that hematite is one of my favorite stones?)
  • Incense from India that has this soft, woodsy scent. Verry mellow!
  • Three Valentine Grow Kits: Strawberry, Lavender, and Love in the Mist
  • Lavender-scented bath salts and Orange-scented bath confetti (now that is interesting!)
  • Two 8-oz glasses adorned with hearts (just perfect for a cocktail when soaking in the tub)
  • Two pink napkins embroidered with "Love"
  • Two magnetic notepads
  • A blue project bag with skulls in a variety of colors (niece number 2 already has laid claim to this little gem. Unfortunately, I don't think she plans to use it for her knitting projects though)
And since this swap is about yarn, two skeins of Malabrigo 100% pure merino wool from Uruguay in a color that is just one of my favorite shades of blue. In fact, the colorway is a deep blue called Azul Bolita. What to make, hmmmm.

Thank you Ms. J. Knitsalot.


NJ said...

That's quite a windfall you received. I love the yarn too!

DeltaPurl said...

your gifts look great!