May 14, 2009

Thy name is . . .

Call me a glutton for punishment. After all I have said about Araucania's Lonco Multy, about how difficult, how tiresome, how tedious it was to wind each skein into a ball, I went out and bought four more skeins! True, the yarn produces a lovely drape and the colors are brilliant, but, I hadn't planned on buying more Lonco until after the manufacturer fixed the skein problem. But the best laid plans of mice and [wo]men . . .

You see, I have two sisters who, as enablers of my crochet passion, convinced me to make them each a Bird of Paradise shawl. Both called asking for the shawl within hours after my posting the pictures to the blog. Of course, any old yarn would not do; it had to be Lonco in the unnamed colorway 4002. So, I will be at it again during the next two months. Actually, it won't be so bad as I will be take this opportunity to actually WRITE down my pattern. I've even recruited another tester.

Did I tell you? I wrote Araucania Yarns about the problems with Lonco. I sent my message late one afternoon and got this response back early the next morning:

"We have had problems with Lonco because the supplier have not used our indications. The idea is that every yarn we worked with should tied up as Patagonia [Nature Cotton] but he sent a totally different kind of ties, which has bring us a lot of troubles. We are working now in an idea to make the untyed proccess easier. I really appreciate your comments."

So, you see, I think this yarn deserves a second chance. At least, that is what I will keep saying to myself as I unwind my new skeins.

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