Jul 20, 2008

The AKA and a Delta-in-Training

It's been a busy two weeks for me. My paying day job had me whipped, I traveled out of town for three days on another matter, and my mother came to town for the 2008 Centennial Boule of the AKA sisterhood. More than 10,000 Alpha Kappa Alphas -- decked out in pink and green -- descended upon Washington, DC last week to celebrate the founding 100 years ago of their beloved sorority. Everywhere you turned, you saw these sisters united. So, the dutiful daughter I am (second only to Connie Jean), I served as chauffeur and tour guide for a day and an evening.

My mother was in her element. She made friends where ever she went, talking with her sorors from around the world. With our family spread around the country, she was bound to run into women who knew these distant relatives of ours. Since I am the family genealogist (my other great passion), she would call me to get names of relatives (well, the ones on my father's side, she knows most of hers), or to clarify relationships. Turns out several AKAs had attended the wedding of a third cousin for whom I served as maid of honor. Small world.

Just before my mother had arrived in town, I had put the finishing touches on a birthday gift for the daughter of a co-worker. The soon-to-be 4-year old recently had told her mother that she was a 'girly-girl' and as such, pink was her favorite color. Tough words for her proud Delta Sigma Theta mother whose sorority flies the red and white. But we all know that most little girls love to twirl around in a pink dress.

So a pink dress was what I made for the birthday girl. I chose a simple bell shape dress in pink single crochet made special by a white shell bodice topped with pink single crochet straps. A single front pocket is adorned with a pink baby elephant (hey, pink is just a diluted red, right? At least that's what I told her mom) should encourage her to move forward with strength and determination. The elephant is a Delta tradition. Bottom line -- the dress' wide hem will allow this future Delta Sigma Theta to twirl to her heart's content, even if that dress is pink.

I thoroughly spending time with my mother. I don't often get to do that, what with me on the East Coast and her near the Gulf Coast of Texas. With all but one of my siblings scattered elsewhere, I know Mother counts among her friends many who call her sister. Although none of her five daughters are members of a sorority, we and her three granddaughters KNOW there is only one sorority for us, just as my friend's future Delta will grow up knowing it's Delta and nothing else. I have friends and relatives among both the Alphas and the Deltas. The Deltas empower communities through committed service. The Alphas provide service to all mankind. Both great organizations, both committed to service.

Mother wears her pink and green proudly. So I was not surprised when she asked -- no, announced -- that I was to crochet a coverlet for her bed -- in the pink and green colors of the AKA, of course.
Now, I've got to find a design, and the time. Funny thing -- last month, I found a bunch of green ivy buttons. I wonder if I can use them.

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