Mar 24, 2009

Great Minds and All That

OH. MY. GOD! I just discovered that the Triple Curve Stitch pattern I used for my Royal Lattice scarf is similar to the pattern crafted by Leigh Radford for her Blizzard Scarf (published in Scarf Style). A slightly modified version is the basis for Marianne Forrestal Airy Spring Throw profiled in the Mar/Apr 2009 issue of Crochet Today. Radford turned her scarf on its side, crocheting up the 84-inch long span to a 27-inch rise, while my scarf rises 44 inches up from an 11-inch base. Forrestal modified the vase-lie diamonds from which the curved stitches seem to spurt like a fountain by adding a v-stitch and integrating intermitten rows of double crochet in with the single crochet.

Although it appears all three scarves/shawls are based on the Triple Curve Stitch profiled in the Harmony Guide to Crocheting: Techniques and Stitches, each is finished very differently. Radford's features two rows of sc, while Forrestall goes quite fancy with a lacy scalloped edging. I opted for something in between with a mosaic border from a simple dc, ch1, 4dc cluster, ch1 repeat.

I'm generally satisfied happy with how my scarf turned out, despite the fact that blocking opens up the stitch pattern but looses the texture and springyness inherent in Paton's 70% bamboo/30% sik blend. It's just that 11 inches by 43 inches is just an awkward size for an open pattern stitch. I'm going to have to put it back among my works in progress until I can double it's size. More later about how I do that.

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