Mar 15, 2009


I'm into vintage patterns these days. They seem to have so much more to offer in crochet, particularly when it comes to wearable fashion. Although not a fan of doilies -- using or making -- I see their construction as ways to improve my skills. They also can be modified to make some beautiful lace shawls. I also think I was hooked by the film noir look of the photos. The draw you right into the photo and straight to the item being featured. Today's photographers of contemporary crochet magazines should take a cue from vintage patterns such as these.

Here are a couple of my recent acquisitions:

Some pretty cool patterns include this Star-Stitch Crocheted Vest made from 990 yards of cotton thread size 5 and a #7 steel crochet hook.

Although I doubt I would make the acorn gadget as pictured, the acorns themselves are quite cute and would make interesting embellishments to a hat, or as buttons on a child's sweater.
These crochet gloves look quite snazzy and use about 320 yards of No 5 cotton crochet thread. I think I will add two columns of cables up the back for a little variety.

This Kids Sweaters booklet feature both knit and crochet patterns.

And of course I could not resist this little gem, as I look for ways to improve my basic knitting skills.
These patterns serve to reinforce what a crochet instructor taught me -- that crochet fabric can be quite supple when the right yarn and right hook are used. In this case, a fine gauge yarn (or thread) and a larger hook.

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Unraveling Sophia said...

Oh - how I LOVE that "acorn gadget"!!! I would wear that in a minute!