May 21, 2009

It's Easy to be Green (or Blue or Red or Yellow or . . . )

Who says market bags have to be boring? Who says they have to be bland to be eco-friendly? With just the right yarn, one can turn vanilla beige into a Sinfully Beautiful Vintage Shopping Bag in a deep royal blue.

The original vintage pattern (Bestway Leaflet 1240) calls for this round market bag to be made of double stranded 4-ply string. Not finding any string, I chose to soften things up a bit with Omega's Sinfonia 100% mercerized cotton sport weight yarn, which I also worked in a double strand. Surprisingly, I was able to make the same guage as called for in the pattern.

The resulting pattern is quite stretchy: I easily stuffed eight 7-oz skeins of Red Heart yarn in it with no problems whatsoever. Imagine the groceries you can stuff in this little bag.


Anonymous said...

How sweet is that? It holds a lot too. I love it!

littlelib said...

It's made it's way safely to me and I adore it. I wondered where you found such a cool pattern. It'll be pressed in to service picking up some groceries tomorrow :)

VicJoRob said...

The pattern was part of my swap package from JustCallMeRuby for the Vintage Swap. Yes, I also love the pattern -- it came with two patterns (this round one and a tote-like, flat-bottom market bag).