Jun 13, 2009

Dream a Little Dream of Me

I had the weirdest dream last night.

I've been off my crochet game the past few weeks, preoccupied with work (new President, new Administration, new priorities, same old deadlines, longer hours), playing chauffeur to teens who had to get to and from after-school chorus rehearsals and evening chorus concerts, and squeezing in birthday pool parties for not one but two teens. All that to say that I haven't picked up a crochet hook save to put it with its mates. Nothing on my hook, nothing in my blog. But then I had this dream.

In my dream, I was sitting with friends (aka crochet buddies) and I pulled out my current project and started to work. The dream ME blithly drew up various parts to a child's sweater -- two front panels, the back, one complete sleeve, and the beginnings of a second sleeve. The dreaming voyeur ME was a bit taken aback. For one, I don't have a current project even started, let alone lacking all but a right sleeve. And second, I don't even recognize the yarns. The lightweight sweater draped leisurely across my hands and seemed to be made of sport or DK pima cotton of deeply saturated colors. Most of the sweater was crocheted from a lovely shade of emerald green with a touch of buttered sweet corn yellow striping tossed casually near the top of the setpin sleeve but just below the drop shoulder, which had a couple of rows of mutely varigated ballet pink and cherries jubiliee and forest pine and sunbeam yellow. Nothing remotely like those yarns in my stash.

The sweet little sweater was crafted in simple hdc (I think). Perhaps it was a shell pattern, perhaps not; I didn't get a close look. But what I do remember admiring about "my work" was the multi-colored row of delicate little rosebuds clusters ringing the edge of the drop shoulder. Actually I (the dreamer) was quite proud of the job I had done so far.

Like most dreams, my midnight reverie turned to other matters. I don't remember much else because soon thereafter, I awoke. When my head cleared, I began to wonder -- had I seen this little diddy somewhere or did I dream this up (so to speak)?

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