Jan 30, 2011

Off the Hook

January has been productive.  I filed my taxes.  We removed the carpet from the living room (love the hardwood floors).   I  even managed to complete a few projects:

Terra Cotta Elise Shawl by Evan Plevinski.  Worked in Louet's Gems Fingering, this little gem (no pun intended) was fun to work.  Featuring a 2-row pattern repeat, I was able to take this along on my daily commute to work.  After the first six rows, the easily memorized pattern is relatively mindless.  This shawl is reserved.  Don't ask me to change my mind or name names.

Two Plum Delight Sun Ray Slouch Berets designed by moi.  Both lacy tams were hooked in Garnstudios Drops Delight, a sock wool yarn with a handspun texture.  Although billed as "luxurious and super soft," I don't think it stands up to this billing.  Despite this letdown, I love the yarn and its extraordinarily long, well matched color transitions results in striping that Garnstudios has dubbed "magic-print."   The pattern results in a beret with a touch of hexagon in the shaping.  Solution?  Block the hat on a 12-inch round melamine plate purchased at the local dollar store. 

While visiting relatives for the Christmas holidays, I made a hat for my twin sister.  She loves it but wanted another one to match her new coat.  Of course I promised.  She picked out the yarn and I made her this tam worked in double strands of Loops & Threads Impeccable.  

I frogged the Ostrich Fan Fandango shawl (lovely but complex pattern) because the gauge was too tight and I realized I would run out of yarn way too early.  I plan to redo with a larger hook in a different yarn.  I will keep you posted.

Almost off my hook
Likely to be completed first is a Denim and Navy Blue Winter Watch Cap.  With only about 5 rows to go, this one is reserved for my father.  My father's the type who will wear the same hat or pair of shoes until they wear completely out.  So, count me as surprised when he asked me to crochet him a hat when he has a perfectly serviceable winter hat to keep his gray head warm.  I'm not speaking out of school when I say he has more salt than pepper but he is quite happy he has a full head of hair at his age.  Paton's Classic Wool Merino yarn will ensure relatively easy felting to shrink this slightly oversized cap to fit my father's head.
Second up is a Half-Granny Square Shawl designed by Anastacia Zittel.  A one-row repeat has this cute little shawl flying off the hook and is just made for commuting.   Worked in Knit Picks Bare 100% Merino Fingering Wool that I tea-dyed some time ago, I may re-dye it in a bold evergreen.  This one likely will go out as one of my Pay It Forward commitments.  I'm not saying to who, though.

Okay, February.  Bring it on.


L said...

I loved all the items but especially the hats and the shawl. Keep on hooking.


VicJoRob said...

Thanks. The hats are my favorite as well. Is it any wonder that I named this blog, Under Victoria's Hat? LoL! Perhaps the sea colored yarn that used to be the ostrich fan fandango will be put to better use in a shawl pattern that features a bunch of waves.